Friday, February 3, 2012

Place the new honey box next to the queen excluder

This story is typical of many hobbyist bee keepers. A new beekeeper had a hive with a full honey box. After being told to put on a new honey box on, because the bees need more room, she did so. About 2 weeks later a visit revealed the front of the hive and whole area round the hive were black with flying bees for about 5 metres out from the hive. She said "My bees are so distressed". The new honey had been put on top of the full honey box. Not a bee was in the new box. The bees didn't even know about the new box. She should have put the new box close to the broad box instead of forcing the bees to walk all that way through the full honey box. An inspection revealed nearly every bee was outside the hive. 

The hive was reassembled with board box, queen excluder, new honey box then the full honey box. The new honey box had 10 frames so one was taken out to make it 9 frames. It was an unbelievable sight as the bees went straight into the hive, every one of them. It went from the sky being black with bees to only 10 or 15 bee still outside within 5 minutes. 

It is so important to place the new honey box next to the queen excluder during the honey flow.

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