Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bee repelling caught on video

Yesterday we videoed an attempt by a foreign bee to gain access to a nuc.

This hive, in Christchurch, NZ was a new nuc and had hardly any bees. It gets attacked by wasps and other bees so the entrance is small. Here we see a foreign bee trying to gain entry. The bee is probably a NZ native. Notice that a wasp is also being repelled. This seems to be happening all day. The day before I saw 2 wasps being carried away by 3 bees each.

Any comment on the native type?

The visitor is hairless, about the same size as the others no black strips, just one black patch on the end. This is the second bee of this type I have seen. Other one was already inside this hive and was not being repelled.

A bigger version can be seen on YouTube.

These photo were taken on the next day. I think it is the same bee back for more.

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