Friday, February 3, 2012

Creaming honey

Scared silly about what will happen if you cream honey? Do you even know how? Read this advice picked up from some Christchurch bee keepers.

What you do is lift the cream rods up and down for a few minutes twice a day, morning and night or whenever you walk past. After 3 days you have creamed honey. Add  some creamed honey foe better texture. Much, much better than going to the gym. It's so simple to cream the honey. For a small amount honey you could use your kitchen beater. Beat slowly then leave to relax then do it again and soon your have creamed honey.

To make an automated creamer you need a stainless tank with a reciprocating pump to circulate the honey around top to bottom (and bottom to top). Switch the pump on for a few minutes twice a day for 3 days and then pour it off. It's called "pump creamed" when done this way. It make a really nice soft honey. Using a starter sets the quality of the creamed honey. If you add nice fine creamed honey as starter then that's what it will turn out like.

The secret to nice creaming is to cool the honey to 15.2°C (use a fridge and thermometer) before you start. The process is far easier. If it is too warm it hardly creams; it is too cold it will jam up the creamer and the thick viscosity may even burn out the motor.

You can even use a variable speed drill to cream, just like you would use it to mix paint. If you really wanted to, you could stick you arms in and swish around a bit. :-)

One person has made a plunger which is moved up and down several times to mix the honey and this works...good for the arms too.

The club has captured Derck Skinner on video and can be play from youtube


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